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Genesis DevCon is the concluding chapter of the Genesis developer program. We started this program with the aim of creating the world’s largest emerging tech ecosystem out of India. After a successful International Blockchain Congress, we identified the lack of blockchain developers in India as a problem area. We have spent the last 8 months creating one of the most vibrant blockchain developer communities in the world.

At Genesis DevCon, we aim to create a learning environment for budding blockchain developers, by bringing the best speakers from industry, community and academia. The event will also see the launch of India’s first corporate blockchain accelerator, as well as the winners of the Genesis developer program.

“Blockchain has a sense of community, which has been a hallmark of most disruptive technologies that we have seen over the past decade. Many of these communities originated from India and we are proud that we had a part to play in building the biggest blockchain developer community in India. Genesis DevCon will be a testament to India’s potential in blockchain,” says Raghu Mohan, CEO of IBC Media.

We are calling all blockchain and emerging tech enthusiasts to be a part of this upcoming community, and as community organisers, we will ensure that you, our audience, get the best experience possible at our platforms and events.